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Latest Project: Architectural Stoneworks

Our company is realizing a large project (still in progress) for the realization of a great classical villa. Our work covers various areas of the architectural project: from garden ornaments and landscape design to architectural elements and interior decorations, all of which realized with hand-carved white natural stone.


The project follows the design of the Palladian villas, but we carved all the architectural stone elements starting from custom drawings of the architects.


We realized different pieces for the decorations of the building exteriors:

  • 6 statues in ancient Roman style for the roof and terraces;
  • 14 different finials for the roof and the two large terraces at the left and right sides of the villa;
  • 2 large crests carved from custom drawings, placed on the top of the two large entrances of the villa;
  • 2 large finials in the typical style of the antique Palladian villas, in this particular case we took inspiration from Villa Cordellina (Vicenza, Italy).


In the front of the villa we realized a 560 feet balustrade section to limit the courtyard from the rest of the garden, with a total of 650 columns all carved with antique machines. The balustrade alternates straight and curved sections, with two large stairs ending on a nice stone bridge. The balustrade is composed of:

  • 16 finials with sphere on the top of balustrade pilasters;
  • 4 vases on the entry pilasters of the bridge at the left and right sides;
  • 8 vases with bugne decorations for the balustrade section around the lake;
  • 2 vases with lions and draps decoration on the principal entrance of the house with 2 decorated bases;
  • 2 lions statues, watchful and sleeping, by Canova with relative rectangular bases placed along the stairs leading to the park;
  • 1 large curved bench, 14 feet wide, with lions and the grapes panels on the back.


For the elegant interiors of the house we carved the stone mantels and overmantels for the fireplaces with decorations based on custom drawing, completed with by the stone chimneys on the roof:

  • 1 fireplace mantel in prestigious Paonazzo marble;
  • 1 fireplace mantel in green marble;
  • 1 marble tub.


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