Italian Hand Carved Stone Sculptures Since 1903

Latest Work: Apollo and Daphne (Bernini)


Sculpture of Apollo and Daphne made entirely by hand in Vicenza stone, whose original work is one of Bernini's masterpieces.

The scene is spectacular and terrible at the same time: Apollo is caught in the instant in which he is finishing his run, rendered with extraordinary dynamism, the body is treated by anatomically highlighting the muscles for the effort. His cloak is slipping away from the impetus of the race and his gaze presents an erupting vitality. To escape the unwanted embrace, Daphne flaunts her nakedness against her will, and fights for her virginity: Daphne's face, characterized by a half-open mouth, reveals conflicting emotions, terror but also relief, because she is aware of the metamorphosis just started. Apollo's gaze, on the other hand, manifests a painful, astonished disappointment.

The pathos of the scene is emphasized not only by the physical and psychological dynamism of Apollo and Daphne, but also by the alternation of full and empty spaces, by the play of light and shadow, and by the attention paid to rendering differently treated surfaces, so as to to be able to imitate in the same sculptural material the roughness of the bark, the rocky consistency of the ground, the softness of Daphne's face and the harsh freshness of the foliage.


Dimensions: Height Cm. 245


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