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059 Seasons Putti


Category: Statues, Putti

059 - Four Seasons Putti Ornamental Statues

A set of Four seasons putti, summer, winter, spring and autumn with relative season decorations and draping. These sculptures was used in the past around balustrade, balcony or in gardens, and were perfectly placed on the top of Villa's roof. Italian style from Marinali and Palladio's arts.

A putto is a figure of an infant often depicted as a young male. Putti are defined as chubby, winged or wingless, male child figure in nude. Putti are distinct from cherubim, but some English-speakers confuse them with each other, except that in the plural, "the Cherubim" refers to the biblical angels. While "cherubs" represent the second order of angels, putti are secular, profane and present a non-religious passion. However, in the Baroque period of art, the putto came to represent the omnipresence of God.

Material: White Vicenza Stone
Finishing: Grey soft finishing patina
Dimensions: Statue height 29 ½"; Base height 23 ½"

The sculptures dimensions could be change on client request.

All the sculptures are entirely carved at our Atelier by our sculptors.
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